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Find out how making a difference in the lives of others plays a key role in shaping one’s personal growth and success as an individual. Hear from influential leaders around the country as they share how this shift in focus has impacted not only their business, but also their personal lives and has also made them more successful than they ever thought possible.

Jan 30, 2018

John Andrews - CEO Photofy, Inc, Prevailing path President, Katadhin President 

John is a career marketer, entrepreneur and intraprenuer. He is the co-founder and president of The Katadhin Company, a digital media and ecommerce consultancy for brands and retailers. John is helping to shape the future of marketing through great consumer engagement across new media channels. He has 20+ years experience in consumer packaged goods and retail marketing including 9 years of ground up social media knowledge which he leverages to build new media formats in the shopper marketing space. He is the founder of Collective Bias Shopper Media Company, Carusele Content Marketing Company and creator of Walmart Elevenmoms social marketing platform.

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