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Find out how making a difference in the lives of others plays a key role in shaping one’s personal growth and success as an individual. Hear from influential leaders around the country as they share how this shift in focus has impacted not only their business, but also their personal lives and has also made them more successful than they ever thought possible.

Oct 29, 2020

This week Mike is joined by Brad Norwood, President of DreamIT Professional Events. DreamIT will help you design an effective incentive travel program using bucket list experiences and breath taking destinations.

They discuss Brad's many ventures and disclose valuable insights only gained from years of experience in their industries and we hope you enjoy the knowledge they have to share.



Many companies use incentive travel, only to break even by the program's end due to the loss of production in the work space caused by planning the incentive trip. Jane is put in charge of booking all of the hotel rooms and activities, thus forgetting her daily administrative duties. This puts John in a bind, so he begins to lend a hand in the trip planning. It's an endless cycle. DreamIT takes the logistics off of your hands.